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CWA / AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #26

AT&T Shareholders Meeting in Billings, Montana Today was the Shareholders Meeting in Billings, Montana. Melba Muscarolas, Vice President of Labor Relations and Mark Royse, Executive Vice President of Labor Relations, (shown at left and middle of photo) came out to talk with CWA leaders who were holding a banner shaming AT&T for its lack of Read More

CWA / AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #25

The Company was unavailable to meet with us today so your Union Bargaining Committee worked on revisions and counter proposals. WE ARE READY TO MEET! With Workers’ Memorial Day fast approaching, many of our CWA locals are participating in activities renewing our position that workers need to work safe to remain safe. Keep up the Read More


Send them a message with your vote as an AT&T shareholder. The 2016 Notice of Annual Meeting & Proxy Statement has been mailed. Anyone who is an AT&T shareholder has the right to vote on management and shareholder proposals. You should submit your vote by April 29, 2016. As we continue bargaining with AT&T for new a contract, we Read More

CWA / AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #24

Your Union Bargaining Committee has been working in subcommittee. The Company has not moved off any of its retrogressive proposals. In fact, the Company is withholding the Kaiser HMO for our members, demanding that the Union agree to financial take-backs. Don’t forget that Thursday, April 28, is Workers’ Memorial Day. This is a day where labor unions throughout Read More


Apr 19, 2016   Local 9423′s 19th Avenue Splicers in San Mateo The Company passed a Benefits proposal across the table today. The proposal lowered the contributions marginally in 2017 and 2018 for 2009 new hires and current employees.  However, costs still remain unreasonably high for 2012 and 2016 new hires. The Company also integrated dental Read More