AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #51, August 15, 2016

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CWA/ AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #51

August 15, 2016

CWA 9423 Las Plumas Yard, San Jose

CWA 9423 Las Plumas Yard, San Jose

Payday Friday came and went for several Premises Technicians at the Las Plumas Yard.


The Technicians demanded their paychecks and management wouldn’t get them their checks Friday, but stated they would have their checks on Saturday. The members contacted the Union Hall and got the Local Officers involved.

The Premises Technicians showed up to work Saturday and demanded their checks! No checks available!

The Techs sat down and advised management they are willing to dispatch and go to work as soon as they are paid. As the word got out that there were Premises Techs who were not paid, other Technicians came into the yard and sat with them in Solidarity, waiting for the paychecks to show up. No checks all day Saturday!

Sunday morning the Premises Technicians came into work, looking for their paychecks; still no money! The Techs told management again, they’ll dispatch as soon as they get paid. The Techs and their co-workers sat down in Solidarity at the yard and waited. No checks arrived, and no work was done. Local Officers came out and supported the Technicians. Adjoining Locals did not dispatch into the San Jose area showing their Solidarity to the unpaid Premises Technicians.

Monday morning the workers came in – no checks!  All Premises Technicians in CWA 9423 sat down in Solidarity with the workers in Las Plumas, as well as all the Techs in the yards and many C.O. Workers. Surrounding Locals joined inSolidarity with their Brothers and Sisters in CWA 9423.  Eleven AM this morning special checks were cut and the Premises Technicians were finally paid!

Shame On AT$T !

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