AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #66

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DECEMBER 21, 2016

CWA 9510 Overpass Rally in Orange County

Last Friday there were overpass rallies throughout California and Nevada. Members were protesting in the rain and bitter cold but they were there. This was in response to the Company’s continual stall tactics at the bargaining table. But the message from CWA members is clear,  “We want a contract and we want it now!” It has been 10 months since we began negotiations and now the Company has been virtually non-responsive.

On December 15, 2016, a key vote took place at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). We were victorious on a 3-2 vote – a big win for consumers, workers, public safety officials and communities. It was not easy, but CWA was there from the beginning through the vote, in solidarity with community groups and consumer protection organizations. Together, we’ve long been concerned about deteriorating telecommunications networks and reliable service, 911 issues and dial tone problems.  The Decision includes a provision that AT&T will be required to report starting at “90,000 user minute outages” moving forward, as opposed to the previous requirement of “300,000 user minute outage” threshold. The bottom line is AT$T will now be forced to report outages in smaller rural areas.

CWA District 9 and participating Locals are keeping AT$T’s feet to the fire regarding the recent Cal-OSHA citations levied on AT$T due to the synthetic apparel the company offers in the Branded Apparel Program, (BAP) and other violations Cal-OSHA cited AT&T for. As more information is available, we will report it.                                                                                   


Fighting for Fairness

Management doesn’t seem to understand the importance of the human factor.
                                              — Charles, Prince of Wales

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