CWA/ AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #30

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CWA/ AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #30

May 10, 2016

AT&T Barg Report 30

CWA Members Greet Randall Stephenson with a Huge Protest in El Segundo

Today your Bargaining Committee met in formal session with AT$T where the Company presented a package proposal, which for the first time included a wage offer that fails to meet the rising standard of living or the increased healthcare costs that the company has on the table.  The package proposal contained 8 of the Company’s 24 proposals.

1)      A meager wage increase,

2)      Illness Absence – Appendix A

3)      Illness Absence – Appendix D

4)      Illness Absence – Appendix E

5)      Employment Security and Layoffs

6)      Force Allocation

7)      Benefits

8)      Benefits – Appendix D


The Company has moved slightly off of its Illness Absence proposal regarding wait days and has made no movement whatsoever on proposals 5-8 listed on this bulletin.  The Company’s other 16 retrogressive proposals remain on the table.

Your Union Bargaining Team is fighting every step of the way to bargain a fair and just contract.  With your continued mobilization and support, we will prevail!

Let your supervisor know every day, that you want a FAIR and JUST contract – NOW!

All official negotiation and mobilization information will be delivered on the District 9 website. (, Local Websites and email lists.

Your Bargaining Committee