CWA/ AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #22 April 18, 2016

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Local 9417 Standing up for Workers Rights at Bourbon Street in Stockton

Your Union Bargaining Committee has met with the Company and exchanged Health Care proposals.  The Company is failing to provide Kaiser to our members, ignoring the cost savings that particular HMO brings to the price of overall health care.  Figures don’t lie, but the Company has simply chosen to bargain towards a uniform benefits package regardless of the cost savings.

Based on the overwhelming strike vote from our members, CWA President Chris Shelton has authorized strike action against AT&T West in District 9 California and Nevada at such time as it becomes necessary.


*** Fighting for Fairness ***

If there is no struggle, there is no progress ~ Frederick Douglass

All official negotiation and mobilization information will be delivered on the District 9 website (, Local Websites and email lists.

Your Bargaining Committee