CWA/ AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #38 June 9, 2016

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CWA/ AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #38

June 9, 2016

CWA Local 9003 Juanita Garage Standing Strong on Grievance Strike

Your Union Bargaining Committee has been meeting in sub-committee today. Yesterday the Committee met with District VP Tom Runnion on bargaining issues and strategies. We are hoping to get back to the bargaining table tomorrow.

Local 9003 reached a successful agreement on their grievance strike with the assistance of District VP Runnion.

Local 9003 “Thanks” all Locals for Standing Strong in Solidarity with them until an agreement was reached!

In other news today, Locals 9400 and 9510 are out on a Grievance/ ULP strike today. Thank you for honoring the picket lines and the struck work.

Work2Rule and Work Safely!

Continue to Mobilize for a Fair and Just Contract!

We have come too far, — struggled too long, — sacrificed too much and have too much left to do, — to allow that which we have achieved for the good of all to be swept away without a fight. And we have not forgotten how to fight.  *Lane Kirkland

Solidarity Forever!

All official negotiation and mobilization information will be delivered on the District 9 website. (, Local Websites and email lists.

Your Bargaining Committee