CWA/ AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #40 June 16, 2016

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CWA/ AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #40

June 16, 2016

CWA 9400 Stronger Together in Bell

Your Union Bargaining Team is still dealing with AT&T’s retrogressive proposals. We have been in Bargaining for FOUR months and progress is slow to say the least. The following Company proposals are still on the table:

Eliminate Holidays; Eliminate Carry Over Vacation and Carry Over PDO’s; Eliminate 49 Hour Rule; Eliminate Sunday plus Four; Eliminate Sunday Premium; Cancel Overtime MOA and change Article 5 Overtime provisions; Change Grievance Process; Eliminate protections on the Monitoring MOA; Premises Techs- 20 cents an hour increase for an expanded Scope of Work to include- Bridge Tap Cancellation Device, Fiber Splicing, Fiber Drops, Port Swaps, Cut to Clear and no improvements to the Appendix E work rules; Eliminate the Employment Security Commitment; Remove Article 2 protections; Illness Absence- Change Illness Absence payments and add wait days, which includes Appendices D and E; Benefits package that increases the cost share which includes Appendices D and E, as well as eliminates pensions for new hires and freezes the pension plan for employees with less than 30 years; Negative changes to Tuition Aid; Changes to the Incentive Plans which would give the Company more control and less Union oversight; Meager wage increases over four years- 2016- 1%, 2017- 1.25%, 2018-1.25% and 2019- 1.5%.


Please get involved with your Local Union and take action with your Mobilization Teams!


All official negotiation and mobilization information will be delivered on the District 9 website. (, Local Websites and email lists.

Your Bargaining Committee