CWA/ AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #52, August 17, 2016

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CWA/ AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #52

August 17, 2016

CWA Local 9414 Standing Proud in Chico

The Company and the Union met in formal session yesterday to review three of the many outstanding Information Requests that the Company owes to the Union.  The Company has not yet responded to the Union’s last proposal of August 9th2016, which has the bargaining table at a stand-still.

As a result, bargaining is progressing at a very slow pace.  Listed below is an overview of where both the Company and Union are in the bargaining process:

Company Proposals

  1. Eliminate President’s Day as a paid holiday.
  2. Overtime – Company wants to work employees overtime whenever they want.
  3. The Company proposes a 40¢ an hour increase for the Premises Techs to do Service Tech title work, Wage Schedule 11, which is approximately $11.84an hour difference.
  4. The Company proposes to eliminate the Employment Security Commitment.
  5. The Company proposes to add Leveraged Title as a valid job offer for all employees in the surplus process.
  6. Paid Illness Absence – New Hires will receive only 3 days of paid illness absence.  Current employees would have paid illness absence reduced to 9 days from 12 days.  The Company proposes to keep Appendix D and E employees at 5 days paid illness absence.
  7. Benefits – The Company proposes monthly employee contributions for the medical plan at 29% for 2017, 30% for 2018, 32% for 2019, 32% for 2020 (currently the employee contribution is 25%).  New Hires would pay 32% across the board.  Proposed Cost sharing for Dental and Vision plans.  The Company proposes no change in the retiree benefit plans.  Appendix D employees would still be covered under the National Internet Plan.  Pensions – No increase to the BCB or BCB2 plans.  The Company is proposing pension band increases at 1% for 2017, 1% for 2018, 0 for 2019 and 1% in 2020.
  8. Tuition Aid – The Company is proposing the ability to cancel or modify the Tuition Aid degree programs at its sole discretion.
  9. GIIT – The Company is proposing AT&T Technology Operations (ATO) Incentive Plans be implemented at the Company’s discretion.
  10. Wages – The Company proposes a 4-year agreement that equates to a 2%wage increase per year over the life of the contract.

Union Proposals

  1. The Union proposes that Appendix D be included in the Core agreement.
  2. Monitoring – The Union proposes limitations in the company’s ability to monitor call center employees eliminating the constant abuse of the Agreement.
  3. Leveraged Title – The Union proposes changes to the commission percentages, as well as contractual time off to be paid at 100% of target.
  4. Improve Enhanced Surplus Reduction Offer.
  5. Article 3 Company Relations – The Union proposes company paid time for Union Representatives servicing all AT&T units.
  6. Article 5 Work Administration – Increase the meal allowance.
  7. Article 6 Time Off – Align time off to coincide with jury duty. Remove restrictions for requesting time off.
  8. Branded Apparel Program – Improve the fabric content for BAP and allow an option for shorts.
  9. Voluntary Separation Benefits – Make VSB part of the voluntary surplus process.
  10. The Union proposes that Appendix E be included in the Core agreement.
  11. Article 2 Force Allocation – Modification to the Employment Security Commitment. Include a career path for 2020.
  12. The Union proposes a Common Interest Forum for the locals and management to discuss future business plans.
  13. Success Sharing Plan – The Union proposes a minimum payout and increases to the success unit multipliers.
  14. Movement of Work – The Union proposes to bring back work that has been subcontracted outside the bargaining unit.
  15. Relocation – The Union proposes increases to the relocation expense treatment.
  16. The Union proposes additional staffing resources for Benefits – Help (B-Help).
  17. Wage Zones – The Union proposes increases to the wage zones.
  18. Watermark – The Union proposes keeping the headcount static for the duration of the contract.
  19. Quota/Target Relief – The Union proposes quota and target relief for all Call Center employees.
  20. Wages and Pensions – The Union proposes a 3-year agreement that equates to a 10% wage increase over the life of the contract. The Union proposes pension band increases of 10% and increases to the BCB and BCB2 plans. The Union also proposes COLA for Future Retirees and HRA’s for current retirees.


All official negotiation and mobilization information will be delivered on the District 9 website. (, Local Websites and email lists.

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