CWA/ AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #55 September 2, 2016

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Dear CWA Member,

Bargaining is still progressing at a very slow rate as we reported on our previous Bargaining Bulletin (#52).  On that Bulletin we provided a status of both the Union and the Company’s open proposals.  Not much has changed since then.

AT$T is holding our negotiations hostage by demanding that we acquiesce to its Health Care cost share proposal (29% for 2017, 30% for 2018, 32% for 2019 and 32% for 2020).  The Company also wants the Union to acquiesce to its Premises Technician’s scope of work proposal (which includes toning back on maintenance tickets, port swaps and pair changes, place, replace or remove bridge tap cancellation devices in any type of terminal, including ready access; perform all necessary field connection when installing or maintaining IP Enabled services including fiber cross connects, all fiber splicing and fiber drop).  All this for a whopping 40¢.  The Company wants the Union to acquiesce to its proposal on the 2-tier system for new hires, which includes a contribution rate of 32% for Health Care for the life of the Agreement and less paid illness absence days (3 days instead of 12 days).  Finally, Job Security continues to be an issue with the Company moving our work outside of California/Nevada and utilizing contractors to perform the work.  The Union’s demand is to return all work that has been sent outside the bargaining unit and to cease the practice.  The Union has two proposals which address this concern and both have been summarily rejected by the Company.

The Company’s demands clearly do not address the Union’s proposals.  The issues regarding Sales Consultants (Leveraged Title) quotas and targets, Call Center Representatives who are subjected to monitoring abuses,  Appendix D issues, Job Security, 2020 Training and other work rules that affect our members on a daily basis.  Not to mention the Company refusal to bargain for our current Retirees.

The issue is the Company is populating titles that make less money but do the exact same work as established higher paid titles.  An example of this is the Sales Consultant (Leveraged Title) where their pay is a 60% wage base and 40% at-risk commission.  Their weekly base pay is only $836.40 and our Service Representatives make $1,394.00 with no at-risk compensation.  Another example is the Premises Technician title, where weekly top pay is $1,040.00 and our Splicing Technicians make $1,569.50.  Furthermore, in Appendix E, overtime rules don’t apply, only 5 days of paid Illness Absence and with limited Job Security.

In this round of bargaining, the Company is attempting to erode the higher paid titles and move the work to lower paid titles.  The Company would have at-risk pay and discipline for Sales Consultants who cannot achieve its unilateral, unrealistic targets.  The Company would have the lower paid Premises Technicians perform all work being done by the Services Technicians, System Technicians-Data Comm and the Splicing Technicians if we agreed to its demands.


AT$T is in a race to the bottom by lowering wages, pensions and increasing Health Care contributions for its workers.


The Company recently purchased DirecTV for $49 billion so its solvency is not an issue. AT$T refuses to move the newly acquired DirecTV workers into Appendix E until we reach a Tentative Agreement, forcing the Union to bargain a separate agreement for the DirecTV workers.

The Union Bargaining Committee believes the Company is holding tight for a temporary work force, employing contractors, temps and terms that receive less than health care, less than wages and less than work rules.




Demand a FAIR contract now!

Your Bargaining Team stands UNITED with you for a fair contract!

Art Gonzalez             Marisa Remski         Anthony Velez


Pam Suniga                 Ellen West              Cherie Brokaw 


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Your Bargaining Committee