CWA/AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #73, February 8, 2017

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CWA/AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #73

February 8, 2017

Like many of you, I’ve worked at AT&T for decades. But I can’t remember a time when the company was doing so well but trying to force us to do so much more with less.

Last week we got proof. The company released financial statements showing that it made $163.8 billion last year and added hundreds of thousands of subscribers to their new streaming service. And they’ve got big plans for one of the biggest corporate mergers ever – with Time-Warner,

But we still don’t have a contract and AT&T still won’t negotiate in good faith.

That’s why we have to keep going public. After nearly a year of bargaining, we have to make sure everyone knows about what’s really going on at AT&T.

By joining together, we gain power. Will you share the image below on Facebook to raise awareness of AT&T’s refusal to bargain?

We’re 17,000 strong in California and Nevada alone and are ready to do whatever it takes to demand good jobs and fair wages.

And we’re not alone. Thousands of our brothers and sisters at AT&T Mobility are on the verge of seeing their contract expire too.

UNITED we’re willing to do whatever it takes to win the changes we want at AT&T.

Thank you for everything,

Orange Richardson



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