AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #83 – July 10, 2017


AT&T Bargaining Bulletin #83

July 10, 2017


With the tentative agreement being rejected by 53% of the membership who voted, CWA and AT&T have agreed to meet with the mediator. The Union and Company had a preliminary conversation with the Mediator on Friday, July 7, 2017 and will formally being face to face discussions today.

The Company and Union have agreed to utilize mediation to develop the framework for another tentative agreement. The mediator is a neutral third party that has been assigned by the Federal Mediation and Conciliatory Services. The mediator has no ability to force either the Company or the Union to agree to proposals or reach another tentative agreement.

The following terms will govern our mediation:

1.   Confidentiality: Both the Company and the Union desire the mediation process to be completely confidential, with the exception that, if the parties reach a new tentative agreement it is understood it will be disclosed to CWA’s membership, internally within the Company and potentially to the public. There will be NO sharing of information during the mediation process.

2.   Voluntary and Non-Binding: The mediation process will be voluntary and non-binding.

3.   Ratification Process: Any new agreement reached in mediation will be subject to ratification by the CWA’s bargaining unit membership.

4.   No Strike/No Lockout: The Company and Union agree that no strikes, work stoppages, or lock-outs of any kind will occur from July 7th until the mediation process is completed.

Contact your Local to find out how you can help move negotiations in the right direction. It is important for everyone to be involved in mobilization as we all have something a stake in this process.

In Unity,

Your AT&T West and DIRECTV West Bargaining Teams

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