Disaster Relief Assistance and Information for District 9 Wildfire Victims

CWA District 9 would like to express our deepest condolences for all who have lost loved ones in the terrible fires across California. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families during this time.  Thank you for all of the first responders and emergency personnel that are risking their lives every day to help our communities.
For members and retirees who find themselves experiencing the loss of their homes or being temporarily displaced because of mandatory evacuations, again our thoughts are prayers are with you and we have listed below resources available to you.  Click on the links below for eligibility details and application forms.
CWA District 9 Disaster Wildfire Relief 2017 (Available for Active Members or Retirees Paying Full Dues)
Return your application to your Local President
CWA Disaster Relief Fund (Available for CWA Active Members or Retirees Paying Full Dues)

AT&T Pioneers Disaster Relief Fund (Available for AT&T Pioneer Member)
President for the Golden Gate Chapter is Tricia Conte and she can be reached at 408-997-1302 or emailed triciapioneer@att.net.
Cal Fire’s Wildfire Incident Map that show the status of the various wildfires.
For those CWA members who wish to help our union brothers and sisters in need.  Here are several ways you can help:

Wildfires have devastated over 200,000 acres in Northern California and destroyed thousands of homes. Your contributions to the CWA District 9 Disaster Wildfire Relief 2017 fund will go directly to assist CWA members who have been affected by this disaster. Click here to donate.

If you are a CWA member affected by the wildfires please call your Local union office as soon as possible so your Union Brothers and Sisters, can help you and your family during this challenging time.
In Unity,
Your CWA Family