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CWA is the recognized exclusive bargaining agent for ALL those persons in the bargaining unit as covered by agreement with the Tribe by the Union.

All persons at this work location desiring information or adjustments on matters pertaining to conditions connected with agreements made by this Union and the Tribe will be recognized through officers of the Union.

If you would like to be a steward of CWA local 9400 please see a steward for an application.

Please check the Union bulletin boards in the Casino for Union information postings.

San Manuel Casino

Summary of “ RATIFIED” Agreement 2009

The following is a “synopsis” of the information contained in the collective bargaining agreements that have been negotiated between CWA and the San Manuel Tribe:

Article 1 Recognition — Job titles amended, old deleted and new added. Add Section 4… new hires and employees transferring back to the bargaining unit by date of hire or transfer of said employees . . .

Article 2 Definitions – Section 6. “Gaming Act” September 9, 2008

Article 3 Responsible Union-Tribal Relationship — No Change.

Article 4 Tribal Sovereignty — Delete & ADD . . . . will be available only to bargining unit new hires and those returning to the bargaining unit. A Union designated Steward shall be released and paid as “time worked” for the orientation.

Article 5 Management Rights – No Change.

Article 6 Union Security — No change.

Article 7 Union Status — Section 3. Administration

Delete & ADD . . . . missing work as a result of the meeting(s) bi-monthly Union Unit meetings and Tribal/Union Bargaining Committee meetings.

Article 8 Dues Check off — No change.

Article 9 SeniorityADD – Section 10. In the event of an unexpected, significant interruption to normal business operations, such as a natural disaster or a significant disruption to one or more critical, interdependent internal business processes or external business support operations, resulting in the temporary shut down of one or more department, during the recovery process, employee recall by seniority will be suspended until the impacted departments(s) resume normal operations.

Article 10 Grievance and Arbitration – No change

Article 11 Discipline and Discharge — No change.

Article 12 Tribal Gaming Ordinance — Update to Sept 9, 2008.

Article 13 Contracting Work — No change.

Article 14 No Strike/No Lockout — No Change.

Article 15 Workweek and Overtime – Delete & ADD Section 6. … shall be paid a minimum of two (2) three (3) hours at his or her regular rate of pay

Article 16 WagesADD— Increased minimum job title wage start rates.

Effective and retroactive to June 28, 2009 all bargaining unit employees shall receive a general increase to their hourly rate of 2.5% or move to the minimum start rate, which ever is greater.

Effective June 29, 2010, all bargaining unit employees shall receive a 2.5% wage increase.

Effective June 29, 2011, all bargaining unit employees shall receive a 2.5% wage increase.

Remove Housekeeping $13.51 salary cap.

Section 6. Training pay removed.

Article 17 Vacations – No change or reduction.

Article 18 Holidays — No change or reduction.

Article 19 Sick/Bereavement/Jury Duty –No change or reduction.

Article 20 Leaves of Absence – No change or reduction.

Article 21 Heath and Welfare Benefits — No change or reduction.

Article 22 Training — No change.

Article 23 Health and Safety — No change

Article 24 Separability — No change.

Article 25 Credit Union/ COPE — No Change.

Article 26 Uniforms – No change

Article 27 Labor-Management Cooperation — No Change

Article 28 Other Benefits — ADD Section 2. The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians provides all employees with a 401(K) program in order to plan for their retirement. The Tribe and the Union will encourage all eligible employees to take advantage of this program and its matching contribution schedule by voluntarily enrolling when first eligible. In addition, the Tribe supports a discretionary core (profit sharing) contribution to the plan for all eligible employees. All eligible employees are automatically enrolled into this program. It is at the Tribe’s sole discretion to continue, discontinue and/or modify the level of matching contributions and/or core (profit sharing) contributions to the 401(K) program.

Article 29 Negotiations and Mergers — No change.

Article 30 Effective Date and Duration of Agreement — Three-year contract, commencing June 28, 2009 and ending June 27, 2011.

Article 31 Other Collective Bargaining Agreements — No change.

Article 32 Tribal/State Compact — No Change.

Article 33 Limitations on Assignment – No Change.

Article 34 Vendor License Requirements — No Change.

Signatures — — END

RATIFIED by VOTING MEMBERSHIP at over 91 % on Friday June 26, 2009.

Here is the San Manuel Agreement.

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