POLITICS…All of our lives are touched by politics. Health care, telecommunication policy, the environment, occupational safety and health, pension protection, the schools our children attend… they are driven by the decisions made by elected officials.

How does this effect you and your family? Are you aware FMLA is under attack? The 40hr work week is being assaulted again? What about the movement of work out of California?

NOW is the time for CWA to unite behind our common mission to strengthen CWA-COPE and restore a government that once again serves working families.

In politics money is POWER. Some people feel this is wrong, but until we get a REAL campaign fiance reform, it’s a fact of life!

We basically have two choices, we can sit around and let the current administration decide what laws we live by and the taxes we pay OR we can stop being complacent and let labors voice be heard!

You can help make a difference by contributing to CWA’s C.O.P.E. (Committee On Political Education). Contributing is easy: Sign a payroll deduction card (min $2.00 a pay period) or you can become a quorum member for $5.00 a pay period, a platinum member for $10.00 a pay period or a triple quorum for $15.00 a pay period.

By contributing to CWA-COPE we can elect people into office, who share our values and understand our needs.

While September was designated CWA-COPE month, it is important to remember C.O.P.E. throughout the entire year. Take this golden opportunity to make a difference in the way our government is run, and in what our children’s future becomes.

Please see a Union Representative and sign up for CWA-COPE today and help shape not only our future but the futures of our friends, our families, and of our children.