The CWA policy on Discrimination is as follows:

 1.    The Communications Workers of America reaffirms its commitment as a matter of principle and policy that all forms of discrimination, for whatever reason, be vigorously opposed until all vestiges of discrimination are eliminated from society.

 2.    In restating our policy for conduct within our Union, it is equally important that our employers reflect this policy so that neither the Company nor the Union shall unlawfully discriminate against a person on account of race, color, sex, religion, age, marital/parental status, sexual orientation, national origin or because a person is handicapped, a disabled veteran, or a veteran of the military service.  This means what it says: “No Discrimination.”

 3.    Any matter which relates to the field of discrimination should be immediately and appropriately handled by whatever level of the Union comes across the allegation of discrimination.  It should be handled in an honest and positive manner.

 4.    It is a matter of principle that no one member is more equal than another.  The handling of the representation of our members should be done in an evenhanded way with no fear: no preference: no favorites.

 5.    Local Equity and Women’s Committees can play a positive role by providing assistance and by reporting to the members of the Local on the ways and means of eliminating discrimination.

 6.    CWA Constitutional Committees should be representative of the Union Local CWA Constitutional Committees should be representative of all the Local membership and should be active committees, not paper committees.

 The Union policy to have a job steward for each fifteen members should be fully implemented and should reflect and be representative of the entire membership of the Local.