Strike Fund

The CWA members’ relief fund provides a striker with benefit of $200.00 per week beginning with the 15th day of a strike and $300.00 per week beginning with the 29th day. These monies are not retroactive, however you will get one additional strike fund check seven days after the conclusion of the strike.

In addition to the weekly striker benefit provided by the members’ relief fund, CWA defense fund insures that necessary medical and dental care will be provided to you and your dependents in cases where the employer stops medical coverage during a strike.

In some extreme cases the union will pay your medical premiums rather than reimburse “necessary” medical/dental care.

The term necessary does not include any treatment not normally covered under the employer’s health plan, nor does it include any elective procedures or dental visits that can be postponed until the end of the strike.

If you or one of your dependents has some ongoing or serious medical need, you must contact the local’s community service chair as soon as possible.

Every member must fill out a striker certification form. Please contact your union steward for form. It must be signed and into the local union office. The local union must have this form on file before any disbursements can be made from the member’s relief fund or the defense fund.

Also, you will be required to fulfill 16 hours a week of strike duties to receive any assistance from member’s relief or defense fund. That assignment could be walking the picket line, working on committees in your local union office or any other duties authorized by your area coordinator. If there are reasons you cannot meet this requirement you must notify area coordinator as soon as possible.